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Benefits of Stemless Wine Glasses

The benefits of stemless wine glasses stretch all the way from how their simple design makes them the #1 wine glass of choice for casual occasions, a space-saving set of wine glasses, the choice of wine glass for the frequent party hosts, and the modern choice of gift for all occasions. Here, we summed up the factors that make stemless wine glasses the most versatile wine glasses you will ever own.

No Risk of Breaking the Fragile Stem of a Wine Glass

Avoiding the dilemma of breaking the stem of wine glass is one, if not the most popular, reason why wine lovers turn to stemless wine glasses. Stemmed wine glasses often break their stem while being put at the sink, during washing, and even when tipped on a tabletop. But now, without the fragile stem, you never have to worry again about losing another precious wine glass because of accidentally breaking the stem.

Perfectly Styled as Casual Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses basically started as an innovation to the tumbler-style wine glasses, thus they take the latter's casual look, less fragile, and non-stemmed design but wear the stemmed wine glasses' well-loved and proven taste-and-aroma-enhancing bowl shape, so they do not compromise the taste and aroma of fine wine. What's more, the absence of stem makes non-stemmed wine glasses easy to pack in picnic baskets and they are, basically, styled to be perfect for outdoor and casual celebrations.

So, if you are planning to host a casual social gathering or outdoor party, think not only about what wine can do to bring out the best taste of your meaty barbecue, perfectly-grilled party food, or fresh-tossed salad, but also how glass or crystal stemless wine glasses will fine-tune and perfect your casual party setting.

Available in Various Shapes to Match Each Type of Wine

Even without the stem, stemless wine glasses can be recognized as wine glasses and they come in as much the same variety as stemmed wine glasses, i.e., in terms of bowl shape, volume, glass and high quality glass material, and the type of wine to which they have to be used with, so shopping for the right non-stem wine glass for red wine, white wine, dessert wine, or champagne is but an easy feat.

Can Be Used with Drinks, Other than Wine, and Smart for All Occasions

It is traditionally awkward to drink anything other than wine from a wine glass, but not exactly with non-stemmed wine glasses, which have proven to also work smart with other drinks and liquors, like water, fruit juice, sangria, lemonade, whiskey, brandy, and cocktail drinks. The functionality of stemless wine glasses does not stop there, though, as they are perfect for everyday wine drinking, casual occasions, like barbecue party, summer pool party, and soirees, and formal occasions, like weddings, and other festivities.


Frequent party hosts now have a sound solution to the problem of breaking precious wine glasses with dishwasher-safe, stemless wine glasses. Simply put your non-stemmed wine glasses on the top rack of the dishwasher and let the latter do the rest. Please be sure to check, however, with your non-stem wine glasses' manufacturer about this special feature.

Saves Space and Easy to Store

The absence of stem instantly tells us that stemless wine glasses are shorter than stemmed wine glasses of the same shape and capacity: A 17 oz. Burgundy red wine glass, for instance, measures about 7" tall and 4.5" in diameter, while the same 17 oz. stemless Burgundy red wine glass stands about 4.5" in height and 3.5" in diameter, which means that they will not need as much storage space as regular wine glasses. The flat bottom of the bowl also gives us a hint that they can be stored inside a kitchen cabinet or box in much the same way as regular drinking glasses, and if you are already presented with a tight space for them inside your home, mounting a wire rack to an existing cupboard may be all you need as storage space for a new set of stemless wine glass.

Perfect as Special Occasion Gift and Wedding Favors

If you are looking for the perfect gift for wine lovers, couples and newlyweds, special occasion gift for the family or friend – especially for one who is starting to build his or her own wine glass collection, and Thank You gift for business associates, a set of non-stem wine glasses, especially personalized stemless wine glasses, which have been laser-etched or printed with their monogram or a design and message of your choice, are sure to put a smile on their face and fill a personalized appeal to their home bar.

Personalized stemless wine glasses also prove to be both a modern and practical choice as wedding favors, party giveaways, and promotional item. You are surely not limited to gifting personalized stemless wine glasses as individual favors wrapped inside a box or organza bag because you can also fill them with Jordan almonds, candies, and desserts that your guests can enjoy after the party.

Easy to Pack as Gifts

As a gift, each non-stem wine glass can be wrapped inside a colored organza bag, a simple-styled gift box, Chinese takeout box, or a rattan gift box. As gift sets, they are sure to look pretty when lined inside a brightly-hued cardboard box, or slipped inside a gift basket.

Highly Useful and Available at Price Points that Can be Reached

The utility of stemless wine glasses does prove that they are worth every penny and interestingly, they are available at price points that can be reached. Shop for glass or crystal stemless wine glasses cheap by buying them as a set and opt for personalized stemless wine glasses to make them unique from among the rest.

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