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How to Buy Personalized Wine Glasses?

Looking to shop for personalized wine glasses for everyday wine drinking, for social entertaining, for gifts, for wedding favors, or for your restaurant and special occasions? Here are our tips and FAQ on how to buy personalized wine glasses:

Look for the Type and Size of personalized wine glass that you need.

Do you intend to buy personalized wine glasses for red wines, white wines, rose wines, dessert wines, champagnes, or any other? Personalized wine glasses for these types of wines come in different shapes, sizes, and styles and each is designed to host the special needs, like the ideal serving temperature, of the same types of wines, answer every wine or wine drinker's ideal serving size, and the wine drinker's design aesthetics, respectively.

Shopping for personalized wine glasses for these types of wines, especially online and even if you are a novice, is fairly simple as they are named after the kind of wine that they are made for, i.e., personalized red wine glasses for red wines and personalized white wine glasses for white wines, and the like. Choosing the wine glass size or volume capacity, ideally, should be based upon your wine serving needs: Larger-sized personalized wine glasses, for instance, would make for a better choice for a dinner party over the small personalized wine glasses as they will allow fewer refills as compared to the latter.

Crystal, Glass, or Acrylic Personalized Wine Glasses?

Your budget, wine drinking profile, or of your personalized wine glass gift recipient, and the purpose of your personalized wine glass are ideal factors to consider when choosing the type of personalized wine glasses to shop. Here are key attributes of crystal, glass, and acrylic as material for personalized wine glasses:

  • Crystal Personalized Wine Glasses are expensive because they are made of high quality glass. They are thin enough to be delicate, considered to bring out the finest taste of wine because of their microscopic texture, up to sparkle and display the best color of wine because of their reflective, smooth, and shiny glass texture, and best paired with the equally expensive fine wines.

  • Glass Personalized Wine Glasses are popular because of the abundance of glass itself. They are thicker and more durable than crystal personalized wine glasses, however, they have a tendency to leave signs of use and wear, like cloudy marks, discoloration, and water stain on the surface of the glass, but which can be prevented with proper washing and drying procedures. If you are looking to shop personalized wine glasses bulk or wholesale, we bet, you can very easily scout the best deal with glass personalized wine glasses.

  • Acrylic Personalized Wine Glasses, or plastic personalized wine glasses, are made of clear acrylic, thus, they mimic the look of glass; are difficult to break, which makes them safe for serving wines on your pool, beach, or yacht parties and other occasions where protecting wine glasses from breaking is a primary concern; they are cheaper than personalized wine glasses that are made of either glass or crystal; and, you can consider them as disposable wine glasses or reused over a long period of time.

Personalization options available for personalized wine glasses.

There are at least three (3) options that are popular today and which you can choose when shopping for personalized wine glasses:

  • Silkscreen Printing, which give a standout effect to colorful images. If you love the elegant look of painted wine bottles, then you are sure to also love the look of silk screened personalized wine glasses. Silkscreen printing finishes your design in vivid colors, with a unique texture, and outstanding durability from scratch and shelf wear. Thus, for colored personalization, look no further than silk-screened personalized wine glasses.

  • Sandblasting. The premier method of engraving glass, sandblasting finishes your design with a smooth, fine, deep, and even engraving that stays permanent on the surface of personalized wine glasses. Sandblasting makes use of a computer-designed stencil-like film mask as your custom design's pattern, thus, any simple or complex computer-setup image can be engraved on your personalized wine glasses. A high pressure stream of air using a compressor and abrasive is then applied to the wine glass inside a sandblasting cabinet to etch away the pattern or design.

    The intricacy of sandblasting essentially makes it an ideal application for small product runs and the very fine and elegance of its engraved design often make sandblasted personalized wine glasses expensive.

  • Laser Engraving creates a very light etch so quickly that also stays permanent on the surface of the wine glass. It makes use of a laser engraving machine and once the laser's beam strikes the glass, jagged microscopic fractures are created, which appear to the human eye as engraved patterns or designs.

What personalized or custom design can be featured on personalized wine glasses?

Any image or design, which can be fitted perfectly within your choice of wine glass' printable or engraved surface can be used as the custom design of your personalized wine glasses. For best results, look at your choice of wine glass in its entirety at the viewer's angle and consider it as the canvas of your custom design.

For quick and no-fuss personalization, you can choose your custom design from our design templates and finish them with your choice of text, like the name and date of the event. You can also skip the latter so that your personalized wine glasses can more gracefully fit other special occasions in the future, you can also inquire us about having your own work of art featured on your custom wine glass.

How many personalized wine glasses to buy?

Basically, a set of eight (8) personalized wine glasses makes for a good number when starting your own set of wine glasses or when giving a set of personalized wine glass gift for special occasions. If you are hosting a dinner or party, or when buying personalized wine glasses for your business or restaurant, you surely won't go wrong with having buying both personalized red wine glasses and personalized white wine glasses for each guest so they will have the option to choose between red wine or white wine.

Avoid delays by ordering your personalized wine glasses days in advance.

Please take note of the number of business days to process your order of personalized wine glasses, as well as of the probable holidays, shipping schedule, and fortuitous events, like heavy rains, floods, etc., which are out of your custom wine glass' merchant, that can cause the delay of your customized wine glass order. This way, you and your custom wine glass merchant can both take your time in choosing and perfecting the design on your customized wine glass, you are sure to also get your custom wine glass in-time for your special occasion.

Take note of any concern with regards to your personalized wine glass order.

Wrappers for personalized wine glass gifts and secured package for custom wine glasses for your destination wedding are two (2) of the most popular concerns that need to be noted when buying personalized wine glasses. Please make sure to inform your personalized wine glass merchant about this and any other concern so they can help you address your query the best way possible.

Buy personalized wine glasses bulk or wholesale.

Custom wine glasses, especially here on PersonalizedStemlessWineGlasses.com, come in price points to match your budget. You can also shop our personalized wine glasses bulk or wholesale to enjoy huge savings and discounts, as well as other types of personalized glasses that are sure to standout and perfectly match your personalized wine glasses.