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How to Make Wine Glass Candles?

Wine glass candles, especially gel wax candles, are very easy to make. Checkout our tips below on how to make wine glass candles even at the comfort of your own home and which you can do with your kids and the family.

Wine Glass Candles Using Water, Oil, and Candle Kit

If you are in a lot of rush in making wine glass candles for your wedding and special occasions, then look onto the kitchen cupboard for extra cooking oil and shop for a candle kit at the craft store, which gives you ready-to-use wicks and a floating wick platforms that will float on your water-and-oil gel candle mixture.

You will need: Stemless wine glass, water, cooking oil, water and candle kit

1. Fill the stemless wine glass with water approximately halfway.
2. Add a bit of coloring powder and mix to get your desired hue.
3. Pout in a thin layer of cooking oil.
4. Prepare your wicks and floating wick platforms by inserting the wick on its designated hole in the wick platform.
5. Gentle place the floating wick platform with wick on the top and center of the water and oil mixture.

Wine Glass Gel Candles

Dare to impress by making your own wine glass gel candles! The beauty of gel as a material for candles is that it can be easily made to mimic the color and translucent look of wine to become perfect for your stemless wine glasses, you can also embed decors on it to add a tad of pizzazz to your wine glass gel candles, plus they are so easy and fun to make.

You will need: Stemless wine glass, zinc core wick, hot glue, gel wax, stainless steel pot, liquid dye for gel candles, essential oils.

1. Dribble hot glue on the center of the bottom of the stemless wine glass and stick the zinc core wick.
2. Cut the gel wax into small cubes, pour into a stainless steel or glass pot, and cook on medium heat.
3. Monitor the heat very carefully until it reaches to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. Maintain a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit until the gel is smooth and syrupy.
5. Color your gel candle with a liquid dye made especially for gel candles for optimum effects; water-base and paste dyes won't mix and color blocks used for regular wax candles will make the gel cloudy.
6. Add 1/4 teaspoon of essential oil to melted gel.
7. Check the gel and try melting a couple more cubes in it if it appears cloudy.
8. Prepare your stemless wine glass by heating it to 150 degrees Fahrenheit to keep bubbles at a minimum.
9. Pour gel candle solution down the side of the stemless wine glass to prevent bubbles. The higher the pouring temperature, the fewer the bubbles. Sometimes you want bubbles for effect, in which case you should let the gel cool to 175 degrees Fahrenheit before pouring.
10. Pull the wick straight up and center it.
11. Let the candle set for four (4) hours. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch.

Tips and warnings:
1. Don't let the temperature of the gel wax exceed 230 degrees F. If the gel burns, it will stink and turn yellow or brown.
2. Keep spills to a minimum. Gel is harder than wax to clean up.
3. Avoid very narrow containers; a pool of melted gel can catch fire, and the flame may cause blackening of the glass if it's too close.
4. Pour your gel candles on your beautifully-painted stemless wine glasses or wrap them as gifts, wedding favor, or party giveaways of your special occasion.

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