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How to Paint on Wine Glasses?

Ever wondered how you can spice up your wedding's cocktail hour or party, especially in today's wedding and parties that are laced with themes and motifs? Perhaps you can try painted wine glasses! We don't exactly mean completely painting your wine glasses, especially their bowl, which is apparently a no-no to the beloved tradition of drinking wine from clear wine glass, but giving them a touch of fun and flair with hand-painted patterns and muted designs in the size and colors of your choice.

Basically, painting and decorating wine glasses is almost similar to painting on any other glass surface. Here are our tips on how to paint wine glasses, the types of paints that you can use, and other options for decorating wine glasses:

Paint Wine Glasses Using Glass Marker and Glass Paint

Paint wine glasses in one easy stroke using glass markers, glass pens, or glass paints! These DIY painting kits are very easy to find in craft stores and are quick and simple to use: Start by cleaning the surface of your wine glass; write, sketch, draw, or paint your design on the exterior surface; and, let dry. Glass markers and glass pens are quick-drying and are susceptible to scratch, can be erased by frequent washing, and rubbed-off with alcohol and other acidic solutions. You can opt for glass paints, especially bake-on glass paints instead, to ensure that your hand-painted design stays vivid on the wine glass for a very long time, even with frequent washing.

Paint Wine Glasses with Chalkboard Paint

If you love the idea of bringing an old school inspiration to your party, introducing a preppy sense of fun to the party tables, or if you are simply looking for a quick do-it-yourself and unexpected alternative to wine glass charms as identifiers of the wine glasses on the party tables, then chalkboard paint wine glasses may be what you are looking for.

Chalkboard paint wine glasses are made by painting usually the foot and stem of a regular wine glass, with chalkboard paint, which dries to a chalkboard texture so it can be written or drawn upon using chalk. Normally, it takes 24 to 72 hours for chalkboard paint to dry completely, so it is empirical to do this project at least three (3) days before your special occasion. Chalkboard paint will also turn your wine glasses non-dishwasher-safe, although they can still be hand-washed and used again.

Please checkout our Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses section to read our tips on how to make chalkboard paint wine glasses.

Paint Wine Glasses with Glitter

Leave a lasting impression by turning your ordinary wine glass into colorful and sparkling wine glasses! Brush to coat the stem and base of your wine glass with craft glue and then dip, or sprinkle, the coated portion in a bowl of glitter. Let dry for about 30 minutes and then spray a thin coating of clear acrylic protective coating to seal the loose glitters. Allow the glitters to sit for at least 24 hours and hand-wash wine glasses after using.

Using Decal to Personalize Wine Glasses

Decorating wine glasses with a digitally-sourced image is made quick, simple, and possible by soft decals, or water-slide paper, which is a specially-designed paper with a glossy and transparent surface and a white backing that detaches on its own after a few seconds that the decal is dipped in water.

To prepare your image: Measure the image size that can be fitted, or which you will need to place, on the surface of the wine glass by running a thread around the exterior surface of the bowl. Re-size your desired image on a computer software, print on the decal, and let dry. Lay your printed decal on a flat surface and spray a decal fixative coating, holding the latter about 3 inches away from the decal. Allow the fixative coating to dry and then spray a thicker coating to bring out its gloss, let dry for at least 24 hours.

To transfer the image from the decal to your wine glass: Cut the decal to your image's size and dip in a bowl of water for about 30 seconds, or until the edge of the paper backing starts to detach. Slowly stick the transparent image over the surface of the wine glass while your wet fingers gently slide the paper backing away from the decal. Ensure your decal stays flat and be sure to remove all air bubbles that lie underneath.

DIY Etching on Wine Glass

Wine glass etching is a means to decorate a wine glass permanently. Do-it-yourself wine glass etching can be done with the help of a glass etching cream, which is a specially-formulated compound that contains a diluted mixture of hazardous acids or chemicals, including Barium sulfate, Sulfuric acid, Sodium bi-fluoride, and Ammonium bi-fluoride, that etches or eats the surface of the glass very lightly and permanently in just a few minutes.1

To etch your design on a wine glass: Secure a stencil pattern on the surface of the glass and apply a thick coating of the glass etching cream. Let the latter sit for its recommended time, remove stencil, and wash your etched wine glass with soap and water.

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