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Personalized 15 oz Stemless Wine Glasses
Personalized 15 oz Stemless Wine Glasses jazz up your wine hour by giving your party tables a visual pop while their 15 fl. oz. capacity ensures that your guests will always have wine on hand. Turn to these personalized stemless wine glasses for your party wine glasses and extend the memories of your event by having a few extras for personalized stemless wine glass favors.

Personalized 15 oz stemless wine glasses are finally here to make your wedding, dinner parties, and special occasions more fun and picture-perfect. Made of high quality glass, each 15 oz personalized stemless wine glass is gifted with an exceptional clarity and made with easy-to-clean material so you can always enjoy the fine taste, aroma, and quality of wine. They also exude a beautifully-contoured shape, a very smooth texture, especially around the rim, and elegant non-stem design, thus they are both very comfortable to hold, even for swirling wine, and smart for all occasions.

Customizing your simple or lush social gathering can verily start and end with these personalized 15oz stemless wine glasses as they can be designed with a cute clipart, monogram, or logo, which will be silkscreen-printed on their front in a color of your choice. Such silk-screened design will appear as a vivid print on the front of the glass and will have a beautifully-raised texture that is elegant to touch. With proper care, these 15 oz personalized stemless wine glasses can celebrate with you, your family, and friends everyday and for the years to come, they can even serve in-between as a decorative addition to your wine bar or party venue.

Drink and be merry with these personalized 15oz stemless wine glasses, or make a friend, co-worker, or loved one feel extra-special on his or her big day by shopping them as personalized wine glass gift. We have a very wide selection of exclusive designs that you can choose from so whether you need personalized stemless wine glasses that complement the theme, motif, or season of your event, you will certainly find the right one for you. Plain 15oz stemless wine glasses bulk or wholesale are also available for you who wants to shop this stemless wine glass size plain or without a design.