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Types of Personalized Glasses

Personalized glasses and personalized glassware can give your home and social gathering a touch of fun and flair. They can also make every special occasion extraordinary as they will both entertain and show how valuable their user or recipient is, especially when wrapped as a personalized gift or wedding and party favor.

Here on PersonalizedStemlessWineGlasses.com and our partner sites, we treat you with a sumptuous selection of the different types of personalized glasses and personalized glassware that you surely would not want to miss for your home, store, office, and special occasions, and that you would surely be proud to hand as gifts for your family and friends because they are practical, smart, and unique as a wedding souvenir, wedding favor, promotional item, and special occasion gift.

Please click on the links below to view our entire selection and come back so often to be the first to know the latest additions to our ever-growing list of personalized glasses and personalized glassware.

Personalized Glass Coffee Mugs

Personalized glass coffee mugs, the perfect gift for the coffee lovers, the office staff or the boss who loves his or her coffee mug versatile for coffee, water, and other quick refreshments, and the friend or family who loves a perfectly-blended cold coffee or coffee cocktail as a way to relieve stress, feature your favorite design on the left or right side of the mug in your favorite color, even kids and teens are sure to love them, too, for their hot chocolate.

Sturdy and dishwasher-safe, our personalized glass coffee mugs have a 10 ounce capacity, an attractive bowl shape, and a thick, roomy handle, which makes them so comfortable to bring around. They can also be used for both hot and cold beverages and made of high quality glass, you can only be proud to use them over and over again, or hand them as personalized wedding mug favors, especially of your coffee-themed wedding, party giveaways, or gift for all occasions.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Luxuriate your wedding favors, casual dinner, special occasions, gifts, and souvenirs with our personalized wine glasses! Each of them is made of high quality clear glass so they can lend the sparkle of crystals when placed under the bright lighting of your party place and will be engraved with your monogram or custom design on one side of the glass. Also, we carry a hand-picked selection of the basic wine glasses, red Bordeaux and Burgundy wine glasses, white wine glasses, and dessert wine glasses, so you know you won't go wrong serving your wine on the right type of glass, gifting high quality personalized wine glasses, and entertaining your guests with a fine sense of style.

Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

Personalized stemless wine glasses are specially-designed to complement the laid-back party setting of outdoor celebrations and casual events, thus their non-stem wine glass design, which was derived from that of wine tumblers, and tapered bowl, which follow the shape of the traditional wine glasses, so even without the stem, they do not compromise the taste of fine wine.

Perfect for the wine lover who dreads breaking the stem of another precious wine glass, the party host who loves the convenience of wine glasses that can go directly inside the dishwasher, and for everyone still looking for the right wine glass for casual occasions, personalized stemless wine glasses standout in their high quality glass material, laser-engraved monogram, and versatile glass design as they are proven to also work well with other drinks and beverages, like fruit juice, lemonade, cognac, and brandy.

Personalized Glass Coasters

Be ahead of the trends in modern table setting, smart social dining, and party drinking by shopping our comprehensive selection of personalized glass coasters. Used like beer mats and drink coasters, personalized glass coasters, especially colored coasters and clear glass coasters, add a beautiful hue, sparkle, pattern, and touch of class to every tabletop. They can be customized in infinite ways, are very beautiful, functional, and dependable as a tabletop protector, and highly appreciated as wedding favors, giveaways, and gifts for all occasions.

Personalized Beer Mugs

Treat your dad, your man, groomsmen, beer lover-friend, and best buddies with personalized beer mugs, especially personalized giant beer mugs, personalized beer tankards, and personalized tallboy beer mugs, which will be laser-engraved or color-printed with a monogram or custom design on the left or right side of the mug.

Each personalized beer mug is expertly crafted with high quality glass so they can efficiently bring out the best flavor and aroma of beer and display the latter's rich gold or amber hue, can hold at least 16 ounces of beer, and is made durable with thick glass walls, thick handles, and thick base, which may feature a unique pattern, like a star-burst, on the bottom of the bowl. You can also trust on personalized beer mugs to give your special occasions a personalized appeal, so if you are looking to slip in beer as the "something old" wedding drink, spoil your party guests with beer by the bottle, or personalize your home bar, treat them and yourself with a dozen or two of personalized beer mugs.

Personalized Shot Glasses

Personalized shot glasses may be the tiniest of all personalized glasses but they are highly popular because of their versatility as a barware and dessert party glass. When not used with drinks and sweets, personalized shot glasses can serve as a personalized mini jars for your Jordan almonds wedding favor, personalized barware gift set, and personalized souvenir or giveaway of your special occasions. They are also available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, i.e., from the standard 1.5 oz. shot glasses, which come in plain and simple glass design, the tall and narrow island shot glasses, to the wide-rimmed and ridged at the base fluted shot glasses to suit your needs.

Personalized Cake Toppers

For your wedding and special occasion cakes, opt for the most elegant and one-of-a-kind cake topper and that's our personalized glass cake toppers. They are made of clear acrylic so they standout with the look and feel of clear glass, are able to keep their beauty and color for a very long time – you surely can use them in the future to recreate the lovely cake that you've had on your wedding or party, and they will make for a beautiful tabletop or curio cabinet display, even personalized favors and plaque-inspired gifts for your loved ones.

Personalized Cocktail Glasses

Infuse more color and festive vibe to your wedding, social gathering, and special occasions by serving your guests perfectly-blended cocktail drinks on personalized cocktail glasses, like: Personalized old-fashioned cocktail glasses for Old-Fashioned cocktails, mixed-in-glass cocktails, and spirits, like whiskeys, on the rocks; personalized cocktail glasses for cosmopolitan and other fancy cocktails; personalized martini glasses for shaken or stirred cocktails; and, personalized margarita glasses for margarita and tropical cocktails.

If not, you can also take a hint from the signature cocktail drink of your wedding or beach party's venue and wrap personalized cocktail glasses in the same style as the latter's suitable glass for your wedding and party giveaway.

Personalized Drinking Jars

Personalized mason jars, or old-fashioned drinking jars, stir good old thoughts of grandma's lemonade and fruit preserves and they are not just meant to standout on your rustic, barn, vintage, or beach wedding as personalized drinking glasses, they are also very easy to cover to become a no-spill handy container for cocktail drinks or personalized wedding favor jar for your homemade goodies, marmalade, and chocolate or berry jam.

If you have been looking all along for high quality mason jars, now is your great chance to take hold of them, and they are definitely not just for food and drinks, they can also be made as personalized mason jars for coffee, honey, sugar, and condiments.

Personalized Champagne Glasses

Toast to life, to health, and to love with the personalized champagne glasses that you love at first glance and that you will be proud to hand-down as personalized champagne glasses in the future. We hold a handpicked selection of personalized tulip glasses and personalized champagne flutes to be perfect for engagement parties, weddings, and other special occasions that are worthy to be cherished for a lifetime and they are available in both stemmed and stemless styles.

Personalized Glass Jars

Every time you need a reliable glass jar with matching lid for the homemade refreshments to be served on your party; for the Jordan almonds, candies, and chocolates that you intend to send-off as favors or giveaway from your wedding; and, personalized glass jars for the condiments in your classy home's pantry, restaurant's kitchen, or to give as special occasion gift for your friends and loved ones, think about our personalized glass jars for your choice.

They are exquisitely made of clear glass, are tightly-sealed with the help of a clear plastic gasket, and can be customized with your choice of color and design. They are looking smart on their own, you can even wrap them as is as personalized glass jar gifts and wedding or party favors.

Personalized Glass Ornaments

Eye-catching and adorable, personalized glass ornaments are definitely not just for your Christmas or holiday tree as they are so smart as a hanging and sparkling decoration for your bar, they can make every wedding wishing tree look festive and magical, and make for a delightful special occasion gift, wedding favor, promotional item, or giveaways of your special occasion.

Personalized glass ornaments are so easy to decorate as they already come in attractive shapes and styles, like a plain or beveled heart, diamond, bell, or a star, and have a tiny hole for hanging. They are further easy to personalize with a laser engraving, painting or drawing using a sharpie, glass paint, or glass marker, or be made as a canvas of your artwork that consists of faux rhinestones, pearls, lace, and ribbons.